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Help me out. Read this sneak peek of my book I'm working on

Posted by WaffleMutt - 8 days ago

Here's a sneak peek at my book! This huge excerpt takes place somewhere in chapter 8 of the first book. so don't expect it to make too much sense! if you want more I could copy paste chapter by chapter here.... you know... occasionally. I wanted to see if this part was too clunky so leave some feedback and I'll see what I can do.

With that part done, it became apparent to David that they forgot to discuss one thing. When they were going back. He sighed remembering he would always wake up at six o’clock in Aquaza time. He got up still dressed in his pajamas, knocked twice, and opened the chest under his bed. Revealing the portal to his ship once more. This made him think, “How did I ever figure these out? Three-way gates, two-way gates. God, how did I even get my hands on them? Guess there’s still a couple gaps in my memories” The thought alone led David down a mental path. Thinking about the situations he could possibly run into, but right now he had to meet up with his crew.

           After climbing through his chest, he found himself in his quarters. Waiting on his bed was Angela who had arrived before him.

“Took you long enough Captain, everyone else couldn’t sleep so they came here as soon as possible. Crumbs has everyone else in the galley he’s preparing breakfast and all.” Angela played with her hair a bit, “So, how you feeling? Ready to take on Aquaza’s seas?”

“Not yet. You remember how two gateways are needed in two different worlds?” David asked before knocking once on his wardrobe. He pulled out the gateway, carefully handing it to Angela, “I need you to keep an eye on this and collect the rest, love. I don’t exactly feel safe leaving them aboard the ship when we go sailing.”

“Well, why not?” Angela quizzed.

“Because, if any one of these breaks. One of us or even all of us will be left without a way back to Earth.” David answered reminding Angela of the fatal flaw with Gateways.

           Angela thought about how bad that could possibly be, remembering a time she was locked in an Aquaza prison. She quickly reimagined that situation to fit with her current one. “R-Right.”

David sighed, reaching for his trusty hat. “Alright then, time to set sail for our quest.” He placed the dirty sea green tricorn upon his head.

On one side it wore an insignia, one commonly associated with sea angels. On Earth Sea Angels are nothing more than a sea slug. On Aquaza however they were truly angels, practically considered demigods. The insignia itself was an anchor with wings, the sign Aquarius nested in its eye. A dusty hat with a vague marking, this was the one and only hat belonging to David Jones Lockhart.

David smiled wearing his hat, a comfort to him for all his years at sea. He then shouted through the phone pipes, “Alright crew! Rise and shine, we have a long day at sea ahead of us. Crumbs, start up breakfast. Gunner brothers, man the cannons. Crowley, I don’t even wanna see you napping up there! Ghost, you best be learning anything and everything we need to know as I speak. Finally, Angela my dear, you mind taking the helm and navigating the Queen Anne to her next destination?”

           Immediately there as a hustle about the ship! Everyone getting to work, just as their captain had commanded.

Angela nodded, “Aye, but will I still have to do that other little task you asked of me earlier?”

“Aye, but I wouldn’t worry about it first thing. Get us sailing love, then take care of it.” David answered. He felt ready to take on the world, which was strange to him seeing as he got no sleep prior. Was this an effect of the gateways? Yet another question for the pile labeled to be answered later. He left his quarters while checking his belongings. “Hat, check. Spyglass and compass?” He searched himself quickly for the items, finding them in the exact place he left them in his coat. “Check. Kraken Cutter and my Flintlock?” Another quick check and once again right at home. “Alright then, time to tour the ship. See if everything is in tip-top shape.”